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Paws, Purrs, and Prophets: 125 Biblical Cat Names and Their Meanings

Naming your new furry friend can be both a joy and a challenge. You want a name that captures your pet’s unique personality, and maybe, just maybe, tells a little bit about your own style and interests.

For those who find inspiration in the sacred stories, wisdom, and characters of the Bible, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 125 biblical names that would be absolutely purrfect for your feline friend. These names span from Genesis to Revelation, and each holds a special meaning that could align beautifully with your cat’s looks, habits, or the joy they bring into your life.

Whether you’ve welcomed a bold leader like a “Moses,” a comforting presence like an “Isaiah,” a loyal friend like a “Ruth,” or a beautiful queen like an “Esther,” we’ve got you covered. So, let’s embark on this divine journey of naming together. Here are 125 biblical cat names and why they would make great names for your beloved feline companion.

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Biblical Cat Names

Choosing a biblical name for your cat can imbue a sense of history, spirituality, and meaning into your pet’s identity. These names, handed down through centuries, often carry deep significance and narratives that can be reflected in the unique personality traits, looks, or roles of your feline friend.

Whether you’re drawn to the strength and leadership of figures like David and Deborah, the wisdom of Solomon, or the loyalty of Ruth, these names offer a rich tapestry of characteristics. Even the mischievous nature of certain characters could well suit a playful kitten. So, without further ado, let’s delve into this specially curated list of 125 biblical cat names.

  1. Abel – Abel was a shepherd, and this name could suit a protective, caring cat.
  2. Adam – As the first man in the Bible, this name suits a pioneering, trailblazing cat.
  3. Eve – The first woman in the Bible, perfect for your first female cat.
  4. Cain – If you have a mischievous cat, Cain might be the right name.
  5. Seth – This name is great for a calm and wise cat, just like Adam and Eve’s third son.
  6. Noah – This is perfect for a cat that loves water or has a calm, steady demeanor.
  7. Moses – A great name for a leader cat, or one that likes to explore.
  8. Aaron – Moses’s brother, a great name for a cat who’s a loyal companion.
  9. Miriam – Moses’s sister, perfect for a caring, protective female cat.
  10. Abraham – For a cat who’s a “father” figure to other pets.
  11. Sarah – Abraham’s wife, ideal for a motherly or nurturing cat.
  12. Isaac – This is a name that could suit a playful, joyful cat.
  13. Rebekah – Perfect for a beautiful and adventurous cat.
  14. Jacob – This name could fit a clever, cunning cat.
  15. Rachel – Jacob’s beloved wife, a great name for a beautiful, loved cat.
  16. Leah – Jacob’s first wife, perfect for a patient and loving cat.
  17. Joseph – For a cat who’s favored or special in your eyes.
  18. Benjamin – Ideal for the youngest or smallest cat in your home.
  19. Judah – A strong, leader-like name for a cat.
  20. Samson – Perfect for a strong, powerful cat.
  21. Delilah – Great for a beautiful, cunning cat.
  22. Ruth – Ideal for a loyal and kind cat.
  23. Naomi – For a pleasant, agreeable cat.
  24. Boaz – Great for a protective, caring cat.
  25. David – For a brave, bold cat.
  26. Jonathan – David’s loyal friend, suitable for a friendly, loyal cat.
  27. Solomon – For a wise and peaceful cat.
  28. Rehoboam – Solomon’s son, a name for a cat with royal demeanor.
  29. Josiah – A name for a cat that brings joy and happiness.
  30. Elijah – For a cat with a fiery, energetic spirit.
  31. Elisha – Elijah’s successor, ideal for a loyal and devoted cat.
  32. Isaiah – Great for a cat with a comforting presence.
  33. Jeremiah – For a cat with a calming, serene demeanor.
  34. Ezekiel – For a visionary, dreamer cat.
  35. Daniel – Perfect for a brave, fearless cat.
  36. Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego – Great names for a trio of brave cats.
  37. Hosea – For a forgiving, loving cat.
  38. Joel – A name that suits a strong and resilient cat.
  39. Amos – For a cat that brings justice and fairness.
  40. Obadiah – Ideal for a servant-like, caring cat.
  41. Jonah – Perfect for a cat that has a tendency to run away or hide.
  42. Micah – Ideal for a just and merciful cat.
  43. Nahum – For a comforting, consoling cat.
  44. Habakkuk – Suits a cat that is patient and understanding.
  45. Zephaniah – For a protective, shielding cat.
  46. Haggai – Ideal for a festive, joyful cat.
  47. Zechariah – Suits a cat who remembers or cherishes.
  48. Malachi – A name for a messenger-like or alert cat.
  49. Esther – Perfect for a brave and beautiful queen-like cat.
  50. Mordecai – A noble and righteous name for a cat.
  51. Job – For a patient and enduring cat.
  52. Asher – A name for a happy and blessed cat.
  53. Levi – Suits a cat that brings harmony and unity.
  54. Gideon – Ideal for a brave, warrior-like cat.
  55. Jethro – For a wise, advising cat.
  56. Deborah – For a leading, decisive female cat.
  57. Jael – A heroic name for a brave female cat.
  58. Nathan – A wise and advising name for a cat.
  59. Bethany – Named after the town, great for a homely, comforting cat.
  60. Lydia – For a hardworking, diligent cat.
  61. Priscilla – For a knowledgeable, teaching cat.
  62. Tabitha – Means gazelle, great for a graceful, agile cat.
  63. Peter – For a cat who is a leader or “the rock” of your pet family.
  64. Andrew – Peter’s brother, suits a companionable, friendly cat.
  65. James – For a cat who’s a pillar of your home.
  66. John – For a loving, caring cat.
  67. Philip – Suits a cat who loves exploring and discovering.
  68. Bartholomew – Great for a sincere, genuine cat.
  69. Matthew – For a cat who’s undergone a transformation.
  70. Thomas – Perfect for a cat that might be a little doubtful or sceptical.
  71. Simon – For a cat that has a listening, obedient nature.
  72. Thaddeus – For a cat that brings joy and happiness.
  73. Paul – For a transformed, devoted cat.
  74. Silas – For a loyal, supportive cat.
  75. Luke – For a nurturing, caring cat.
  76. Mark – For a cat that spreads good news and joy.
  77. Titus – For a well-behaved, disciplined cat.
  78. Philemon – For a loving and forgiving cat.
  79. Timothy – For a cat that is young but has a mature spirit.
  80. Barnabas – Ideal for an encouraging, uplifting cat.
  81. Ephraim – For a cat that has been a blessing.
  82. Caleb – Perfect for a faithful, wholehearted cat.
  83. Zebulun – For an honorable, dwelling cat.
  84. Dinah – For a judged or vindicated cat.
  85. Tamar – For a cat that has been wronged but remains strong.
  86. Jesse – For a cat who is the “root” of happiness in your home.
  87. Eli – Suits a cat who’s a spiritual guide in your life.
  88. Hannah – For a cat who was long desired and is cherished.
  89. Samuel – For a cat who was a gift, answered prayer.
  90. Nehemiah – Suits a cat who comforts and consoles.
  91. Ezra – For a cat who helps you.
  92. Rahab – For a brave and transformative cat.
  93. Goliath – Perfect for a large, imposing cat.
  94. Nebuchadnezzar – Suits a grand and majestic cat.
  95. Jezebel – For a cat with a strong personality.
  96. Bathsheba – For a cat of great beauty.
  97. Uriah – For a faithful, dedicated cat.
  98. Hezekiah – For a cat who brings strength.
  99. Manasseh – For a cat who has caused you to forget previous troubles.
  100. Zerubbabel – For a cat born in Babylon or a cat with a regal presence.
  101. Methuselah – Suits an old, wise cat.
  102. Lazarus – For a cat who has had a second chance at life.
  103. Martha – For a diligent, hardworking cat.
  104. Mary – For a devoted, loving cat.
  105. Magdalene – For a cat who has undergone a significant transformation.
  106. Zacchaeus – For a small cat with a large spirit.
  107. Balaam – For a cat who’s a diviner, perhaps you find wisdom in their presence.
  108. Bethel – For a cat who makes your house feel more like a home.
  109. Zion – For a cat who brings joy and unity.
  110. Galilee – For a cat who reminds you of miracles.
  111. Cyrus – For a cat who’s a leader or a liberator.
  112. Darius – For a cat who possesses good qualities.
  113. Esther – For a brave, beautiful, queen-like cat.
  114. Hagar – For a cat who’s survived tough circumstances.
  115. Herod – For a cat with a regal, commanding presence.
  116. Ishtar – For a cat of great beauty and charm.
  117. Jairus – For a cat who brings enlightenment.
  118. Judas – Suits a cat who’s a bit of a trickster.
  119. Jupiter – For a cat who’s your little deity.
  120. Lois – For a cat who’s desired or agreeable.
  121. Nicodemus – For a cat who seeks truth and understanding.
  122. Othniel – For a cat who’s a force of God in your life.
  123. Prisca – For a cat who’s ancient, venerable.
  124. Sapphira – For a beautiful, precious cat.
  125. Zipporah – For a bird-like, chirping cat.

As we conclude our holy journey through these 125 biblical names, we hope you’ve found the perfect moniker for your feline friend. Choosing a name from the Bible can add a rich layer of significance and can even act as a daily reminder of faith, courage, wisdom, or love that your cat brings into your life.

Remember, whatever name you select, it is the bond you share with your pet that truly matters. May your home be filled with the pitter-patter of tiny paws and the soothing rumble of purrs. Happy naming and remember to cherish each moment with your beloved pet!