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Saturday Deals 11/12/21

I’m back again for another week of Saturday deals! Today’s picks are all from Amazon and are things that I have purchased, are great quality and all are affordable!

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure statement.


To view each item on Amazon, just click on the BOLD TITLE below the photos.

Velvet Curtains

Oh my, I do love a velvet curtain! And, I was absolutely shocked when I received this set of two panels. I was expecting to send them back because the price was just too good for them to be of any decent quality. But, like I said, I was happily surprised that they are really nice! Now, they are not lined, but what do you really expect for about $50 for a pair of velvet drapes? They come in several lengths. I got the 96″ and will have to hem them because I don’t like them draping on the floor, but you could always use fusible hem tape if you don’t sew.

Set of 2 Faux Fur Pillows in 8 Sizes

Cold weather and furry pillows just go together! They are so cozy! And, I ordered this set of two, zippered pillow covers for the nursery reading nook. They come in many sizes. I ordered the 24″ for the nook! This is the same brand as the holiday plaid pillow covers I shared last Saturday and the quality is really good!

All in One Record Player

This was my birthday gift from the hubs this year! Every Christmas I feel so nostalgic playing Christmas music, and I just wanted a turntable to play some old vinyl Christmas albums. We initially ordered a less expensive $50 one that was recommended by someone on instagram and it was absolutely junk! It looked like a child’s record player and was just so cheaply made! Basically, a $50 record player – ha, ha!!

But, when my son stopped over he said “why didn’t you ask me to find you one?” So, I took him up on that offer and told him I didn’t want to spend too much, because I just wasn’t sure how much I would use it other than at Christmastime. So, this is what he found. It’s an all in one and doesn’t require additional speakers. It’s simple and sleek and the quality is really good for around $150. Mark and I have been enjoying it so much this past week while I’ve been decorating for Christmas! And, we went to a local antique mall and picked up quite a few old Christmas albums that I remember my mother playing when I was young and it’s been so good for my heart!

Leaf Handle Tea Spoons

I stumbled across these sweet, gold teaspoons and they work so well with my decorating “theme” this year that I had to pick them up! I think they will be perfect for coffee, tea or hot cocoa. I ordered a set of 8 for under $10, but they do come in different set sizes.

5 ft. Pink Ombre Christmas Tree

This is the little tree that I use in the nursery. It’s the perfect small size for a girl’s bedroom and I love the soft pink color that fades to white at the top. It doesn’t come with lights, but I just added my own little fairy lights and those tiny gold wires just disappear in the branches. I’m really looking forward to decorating it this year with the girls!

Twisted White Battery Operated Taper Candles Set of 6

I love taper candles, but don’t light them often because I’m too afraid of fire. But, the battery operated taper candles are getting better in terms of a realistic look! So, I took a chance ordering this set because I loved the twisted design. And, once again, I was pretty amazed with the quality. You can use the remote to adjust the flicker of the flame and set them on a timer. I am going to use them with the Hearth and Hand candelabra I purchased earlier this year.

40 ft. Plug In Fairy Lights

Last year a section of lights burned out on my main Christmas tree that I use in our living room. It’s my absolutely favorite tree and I love the sparse look of it. So, I was a bit distressed when a section of lights didn’t work. I ended up cutting off all the lights from the tree, which was pretty easy to do. Once they were removed from each branch and section, I used these fairy lights! I used three sets on my 7.5′ tree and I love the look more than the lights that were on it when I first bought it! The fairy lights just have an amazing twinkle and I love this longer length that you can plug in!

Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer

And, the last item on this week’s list is a practical one! On more than one Thanksgiving, I’ve had to borrow a meat thermometer from a neighbor because mine didn’t work! I’ve always just gotten the cheap ones from the grocery or big box stores. So, I finally decided to get a quality meat thermometer! This one has amazing reviews and it seems to be of good quality. When I saw that the price was around $10, I thought why didn’t I get one of these sooner???

I hope you enjoyed seeing this week’s deals! I’ll be back next week with more gift options! If you missed last week’s deals, CLICK HERE to see them!


Saturday 12th of November 2022

I am using velvet panel curtains for a tree skirt this year!

Janice Mullins

Saturday 12th of November 2022

Thanks for the heads up on the great deals! I just ordered two of the meat thermometers. Great stocking stuffers for the budding cooks!