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2022 Best of Target Christmas Decor

Hi, friends. Oh my, I know it’s early, but I really wanted to share my finds now because some things have already sold out! People are really ready for the holidays! So, today I’m sharing my 2022 Best of Target Christmas Decor.

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure statement.

First, I want to say that Target has some really great items this year. What I’m sharing are things that I am loving and are in the color palate I’m using this year – Green and Gold. But, there are so many beautiful, traditional reds and greens in this year’s collection at Target! So, be sure to go over to the website and look around.

2022 Hearth and Hand Christmas Picks

I went to my local Target store yesterday to see some of the Christmas decor in person and a few things did end up in my cart. My favorite item of all this year is from the Hearth and Hand by Magnolia line and it’s this gorgeous large brass-look candelabra. It is showing as sold out online, but I found one at my local store and immediately put it into my cart! I think this piece is really versatile and I know I’ll use it often. This year I am going to use it on my mantel in the living room, but it would be great on a dining table too.

The other thing I picked up yesterday was the green glass candle shown above. I have the amber glass version of this candle now for fall and love the glass candle container. I purchased the smaller size because I can use it in many different places because of the size.

The one thing I didn’t see in the store, but found online was the ribbon holder/dispenser. This is something that I know I’ll use in my office all the time. I have so many ribbon spools and, I really like to use special ribbons to wrap my Christmas gifts. In fact, I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday too and the main thing I purchased there was ribbon for Christmas gifts!

2022 Target Christmas Decor In My Cart

Now, I’m going to point out the specific items that I’ve got in my online shopping cart! These are things that are unique and I can see me using them year after year.

I’m not sure yet what I will actually purchase, but here are my top three choices!

The Noel pillow is so gorgeous and it’s just the colors that I want to use this year in my Christmas decorating! So, it’s likely I will get that!

The next thing that I really love is the brass wreath figure shown on the mantel. I love the traditional laurel wreath style of this and I can see me using it for years to come for that reason.

And, thirdly, I’m really drawn to the clear glass ornaments with the gold botanical design. I’ve seen a similar ornament that I’m also considering at JoAnn Fabric! The price is similar to this three piece set. Right now, the ornaments are sold out online, but my local Target is just beginning to put out Christmas items, so I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to find them soon.

All of the items shown above can be clicked to view and even purchase. Again, if you love more traditional Christmas greens and reds, then you will find that at Target this year! Both the Hearth and Hand line and the Studio McGee line have so many really pretty, traditional decor pieces! So, be sure to see it all! And, remember that if there’s something unique that you really want, don’t wait too long because those are the items that seem to sell out!