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40+ Advent Prayers

Trying to brainstorm Advent prayers for the upcoming holiday celebrations? You’re not alone.

Prayer holds a profound significance for many of us during the Advent season. It acts as an anchor that grounds both our hearts and minds in preparation to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is a guiding light that helps us navigate the busyness and distractions of the world around us.

It’s easy to get sucked into the commercialization of Christmas and the holidays. But it’s in the moments of silence and reflection that we draw closer to the true meaning of the season. It opens our souls to receive the transformative grace and unending love that the birth of Jesus brings. 

But what to focus on? What should we be praying about?

Prayers are directed by our heart, but sometimes we need a little inspiration. For those of us doing a little prep for the upcoming season, readying ourselves and our family for the incredible gifts that come along with it – we’ve come up with 41 of our own Advent prayers that you can use as a starting point. 

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You can use these prayers as inspiration to jot down your own thoughts that you and your family can pray over while you light candles this holiday season.

Opening Advent Prayers

  1. Prayer for focus: As we begin this season of Advent, help us to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of your son. May our thoughts be focused on the true meaning of Christmas, and may we be filled with hope, love, joy, and peace.
  2. Prayer for preparation: As we light the first Advent candle, we embark on this journey of anticipation. Prepare our hearts for the coming of your son, Jesus Christ. May the light of this candle remind us of his promised arrival, and guide us in embracing His message of hope and salvation.
  3. Prayer for hopeful beginnings: In this first week of Advent, we gather with hopeful hearts. As the candle’s flame pierces the darkness, may it symbolize the hope that you bring into our lives through your son’s birth. Grant us the courage to spread this hope to others in need.
  4. Prayer for expectation: As we enter into Advent, our hearts are filled with expectation. Just as Mary and Joseph awaited the arrival of Jesus, fill us with eagerness to welcome Him anew into our lives. May the flickering flame remind us of the light of Christ that shines within us.
  5. Prayer for advent longing: In this first week of Advent, we acknowledge our longing for Your presence. As we light the initial candle, ignite the fire of longing within us for a deeper connection with your son, who brings purpose to our waiting. May our anticipation be met with his abiding love.
  6. Prayer of Hope: In the midst of darkness, we light the first Advent candle. May its flame remind us that Your light shines even in our darkest moments. Fill us with hope as we await the birth of Christ, and let that hope guide us through all our days.
  7. Prayer of Anticipation: As we light the Advent candles one by one, help us to anticipate the coming of Christ with hearts full of excitement. May this season remind us of the miracle of his birth and the promise of his eternal presence in our lives.

Advent Prayers During the Weeks

  1. Prayer for Gratitude: In this season of Advent, we give thanks for the gift of your son. We’re grateful for the hope, love, joy, and peace he brings. May our hearts be continually filled with gratitude for your grace.
  2. Prayer for Unity: As we journey through Advent, unite us as a community of believers. Help us to overcome differences and focus on the common bond we share in Christ. May our unity be a testament to his love in the world.
  3. Prayer of Peace: As we light our next Advent candle, we seek the peace that only you can provide. In a world filled with turmoil, help us find calmness in your presence. May your peace reign in our hearts and in the world around us.
  4. Prayer for Families: Bless our families during this Advent season. May our homes be places of love, understanding, and unity, where we prepare our hearts to welcome Jesus into our lives. Strengthen our bonds and fill our homes with Your presence.
  5. Prayer for Healing: Compassionate Lord, as we wait for Christ’s coming, we lift up those who are hurting. Bring healing to the brokenhearted, comfort to the grieving, and strength to those facing challenges. May your presence be their source of hope and restoration.
  6. Prayer of Surrender: In this Advent season, we surrender our fears, worries, and anxieties to you.Help us let go of what holds us back and trust in your divine plan. May our hearts be open to receive the gift of your son with renewed faith.
  7. Prayer for Peaceful Waiting: Prince of Peace, in the stillness of Advent, teaches us the art of patient waiting. In a world of busyness, help us find moments of peace, where we can reflect on your promises and draw closer to You.
  8. Prayer of Love: As we light the second Advent candle, we remember your boundless love. Help us to share that love with others, just as you sent your son to show us the depth of your love for humanity. May our hearts overflow with compassion and care.
  9. Prayer for the Needy: As we prepare for Christ’s birth, we remember the less fortunate. Open our hearts to reach out to those in need, offering comfort, support, and tangible expressions of your love.
  10. Prayer for Renewal: As we light the Advent candles, may the flames renew our spirits. Illuminate our souls with your truth and guide us on paths of righteousness. May this season bring spiritual revival and a deeper connection with you.
  11. Prayer of Joy: With joyful hearts, we light this Advent candle, celebrating the joy that Christ’s birth brings to the world. Fill us with the infectious joy that comes from knowing you, and may we spread that joy to everyone we encounter.
  12. Prayer of Preparation: As we approach the culmination of Advent, help us to prepare ourselves for the arrival of your aon, Jesus Christ. Open our hearts to receive him anew, and guide us in living out his teachings in our lives.
  1. Prayer of Preparation: As we journey through Advent, guide our hearts in preparation. Help us to ready ourselves for the arrival of your son, Jesus Christ. May his presence transform our lives with hope, love, joy, and peace.
  2. Prayer of Reflection: In this season of Advent, grant us moments of reflection. As we look back on Christ’s birth and forward to his return, help us draw closer to you and grow in faith.
  3. Prayer for Advent Light: Illuminate our lives during this Advent season. Just as the world awaited the light of the world, may his radiance shine through us, bringing hope to all. 
  4. Prayer of Joyful Anticipation: As Advent continues, fill us with joyful anticipation. May the excitement of Christ’s birth permeate our days, inspiring us to share His love with those around us. Amen.
  5. Prayer for Stillness: In the midst of busyness, grant us moments of stillness. Help us find peace in the anticipation of Christ’s coming, and may His presence calm our hearts. Amen.
  6. Prayer for Hope Renewed: As Advent unfolds, renew our hope in your promises. May the anticipation of Christ’s birth fill us with hope, and may we be beacons of hope for others.
  7. Prayer for Open Hearts: In this Advent season, open our hearts to your presence. May we receive your aon with open hands, and may his love fill us to overflowing.
  8. Prayer of Surrender: As we journey through Advent, help us surrender our plans to you. Just as Mary and Joseph yielded to your divine will, may we trust in Your guiding hand. Amen.
  9. Prayer for Compassion: In this season of Advent, cultivate compassion within us. May the love of Christ move us to care for those in need, and may our actions reflect his grace. 
  10. Prayer for Deepest Worship: As Advent continues, deepen our worship of you. May our hearts overflow with gratitude and adoration, as we await the birth of your aon, our savior.

Closing Prayers for Advent

  1. Prayer of Commitment: As Advent comes to a close, help us carry its spirit throughout the year. May the lessons of hope, love, joy, and peace remain alive in us, and may we live as witnesses to the good news of Christ’s birth every day. In His holy name, we pray.
  2. Prayer of Thanks: As Advent comes to an end and Christmas draws near, we thank you for the gift of your aon, our savior. May his presence continue to shine in our lives, and may the love, hope, joy, and peace of this season remain with us always. In his holy name, we pray.
  3. Prayer of Completion: As Advent comes to an end, we reflect on the journey we’ve undertaken. Thank you for guiding us through these weeks of preparation. As we await the celebration of Your Son’s birth, may our hearts overflow with gratitude.
  4. Prayer of Anticipation Fulfilled: In this final week of Advent, our anticipation is nearly complete. We look forward to welcoming your son, Jesus Christ, with hearts full of joy, love, and reverence. May his presence illuminate our lives throughout the year ahead. Amen.
  5. Prayer of Thankfulness: As Advent draws to a close, we offer our thanks for this season of reflection. We’re grateful for the reminders of hope, love, joy, and peace that it has brought. May these virtues remain alive in us as we continue to follow your light.
  6. Advent Prayer of Renewal: As we conclude this Advent journey, renew our spirits and refresh our faith. May the lessons we’ve learned and the prayers we’ve offered inspire us to live more fully in accordance with your will.
  7. Prayer of Final Preparation: In this last week of Advent, we make our final preparations. Help us to ready our hearts and minds to receive your son, Jesus Christ. May his birth be more than a historical event; may it be a personal encounter with your love.
  8. Prayer of Unity in Christ: As we conclude Advent, remind us that we are one family in Christ. Let the message of His birth unite us across differences, as we join together in worship and service to glorify your name.
  9. Prayer of Grateful Expectation: In this closing week of Advent, our hearts are filled with grateful expectation. We eagerly await the birth of the savior, Jesus Christ, and we anticipate the ways He will transform our lives and the world.
  10. Prayer of Divine Blessing: As we approach the end of Advent, we ask for your blessings. Bless us with a deeper understanding of your love and grace. May we carry the spirit of Advent with us, shining your light wherever we go.
  11. Advent Prayer of Communion: In this final week of Advent, draw us closer to you and to one another. As we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth, remind us that we are united in him. May the communion of believers be a reflection of your boundless love.
  12. Prayer of Ongoing Wonder: As Advent comes to a close, may our sense of wonder never cease. Just as the shepherds marveled at the miraculous birth of Jesus, keep us in awe of Your amazing love and the gift of salvation.

How to Personalize Advent Prayers for Your Family

While you’re welcome to simply copy these prayers down, personalizing is really where the magic is. You want to make sure that what you discuss with God as a family is near-and-dear to your heart.

Advent prayers are a great opportunity for your family to create a unique and meaningful experience together that resonates with your shared beliefs and experiences. We recommend reflecting on the themes of hope, love, joy and peace – all that Advent represents, and consider how they relate to your family’s journey.

It’s good practice to incorporate personal anecdotes, favorite verses and even reflections on your family’s journey in the past year. Encourage everyone to share their thoughts expressing gratitude, hopes, and even concerns – this is a time for you to come together as a family.

You want your Advent prayers to echo the language and sentiments of your family’s unique dynamic. By really personalizing and customizing your prayers, you can cultivate a deep connect, making the season more memorable for everyone involved.