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Best Sparse Christmas Tree and Ornaments

Happy Wednesday! I hope you were here yesterday to see my Christmas tour! Today I wanted to share the details of my sparse Christmas tree!

I purchased this sparse tree a few years ago and I love it just as much today as the day I got it! This tree has the sparse look that I love and has held up great. I will admit that the top section of my lights weren’t working right this year. So, we removed all of the lights that it came with and I used three strands of these plug-in fairy lights on the tree. I really love it more now with them because they are so tiny, but put off such a soft glow! So, quick tip! If you have a pre-lit tree that you like, but the lights aren’t working in a section, just get these plug-in fairy lights! You wouldn’t even have to remove all of the factory lights, but I did for photography purposes.

I really wanted some antique gold wooden beads for the tree this year, but just couldn’t find any. I’m not sure why beads are made in every color under the sun except for gold? But, I improvised and bought these inexpensive wooden bead strands and gave them a makeover with gold spray paint! I would recommend hanging the beads from a tree outdoors for painting. That way you’ll be able to get good coverage all around the bead strand. I purchased three strands of beads for what I have on this 7.5′ sparse Christmas tree.

The other ornaments that I used are mostly ones that I’ve had for a few years with two exceptions. These golden bird ornaments are a new addition this year. I love that they look hand crafted. The other new ornaments that I used this year are the gold sparkle balls seen to the right of the bell ornament. I got them at Hobby Lobby.

The bell ornaments were purchased last year at JoAnn Fabric. I don’t think this ornament is available this year, which is a shame because I love the patina on these bells. The white ornament on the upper left is from a set that I purchased at HomeGoods a few years ago that had mercury glass ornaments with these white speckled ornaments. HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are really my go-to places to find quality ornaments are great prices!

These mercury glass mushroom ornaments were another JoAnn Fabrics find from last year. They are so pretty and I was so sad when I dropped one while decorating the tree!!

I’ve had these pretty glass pinecones for years, but they are still available. They come in a set of three. This year I also sprinkled in a few red glass ornaments that I had in my collection.

These ornaments were a totally different color originally. I used some gold leaf Rub n’ Buff to give them an antique gold look.

These tiny, sparkly pinecone glass ornaments are more that I found several years ago at HomeGoods. They are so pretty and I use them almost every year in some way!

The only ornaments that didn’t make a photo that I did use on the tree are some basic dark green ornaments that I also had in my collection. They are a matte finish, which I prefer to the really shiny glass ornaments. I wish I could link all of the ornaments on my tree, but you could definitely get this gold look using ornaments you find elsewhere! Most of all, have fun decorating your tree! Put on some Christmas music and enjoy the process!


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

I really loved this piece on the sparse tree. The beading and ornaments. You can find wooden bead roping, but you have to paint them. There's a floral paint at Michael's that's gold and quick drying I used that came in handy for projects like pine cones, leaves like magnolia and patina tubes there too for a gold huge on unglazed pottery pieces like the bell. What beautiful ideas. My grandmother had a big pine farm house and it had antiques and ideas like this. We did a real spares tree once and it was magic as a 6th grader. It bright back happy memories. Merry Christmas.

Doreen Cagno

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

What wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing them!!


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

I really love sparse trees, they show off all your beautiful ornaments so well. When picking a fresh tree I have always looked for one that would do that. Have a Merry Christmas.


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

Your sparse tree really allows the ornaments to be showcased. Great tips on the stores to shop at.