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Get Cozy with a Chunky Knit Blanket

Hi, Friends!  I don’t know about where you live, but here in Pennsylvania – “Baby it’s Cold Outside”! And, what’s better on a cold winter day than a warm and cozy blanket or throw to snuggle under?   I’ve been seeing those amazing chunky knit throws and blankets on Pinterest and Instagram, but have you seen the price tags?  WOW – hundreds of dollars for one of these blankets is way too steep for me!  But, I really wanted one for my own home, so I decided I was going to figure out how to make a chunky knit blanket.

Chunky Knit Wool Blanket


First, I needed to source the “yarn” to make my chunky knit blanket.  Luckily, I have dabbled in some fiber art over the years and knew that the fiber used to make these chunky blankets “chunky” was wool roving.  Wool roving is a long and fluffy rope of wool that is the final step when preparing the raw fiber for spinning or weaving.  Carding can be done by hand or machine.  It pulls and stretches the fibers so most are running in the same direction.  Wool roving is also used for felting.

Wool Roving - Chunky Knit Blanket

To make a nice sized blanket, you will need 7 – 10 lb. of wool roving.  I would definitely purchase roving from a seller that sells “by the pound” and not by the skein.  You are going to get a much better price for your “yarn” that way.  If you are looking to purchase wool roving, check on Etsy.  A good price per pound for natural, un-dyed roving is $13 – $15 a pound.  I don’t think you will find a better price than that.  I am lucky and have a source here in Lancaster County, PA, where I purchased the roving; but the price was the same as what I would have found on Etsy.  I just didn’t have to pay shipping.  Here’s a close up of some of the wool roving that I used.

Natural Wool Roving

You can make these chunky knit blankets by arm knitting or by using oversized knitting needles.  I arm knit this throw.  The only downfall to arm knitting is that once you start, you really need to finish (since you can’t just walk away from your arms)!!  Also, it’s tricky getting a consistent knit when you arm knit a really large blanket with the roving going way up your arm!  I actually found it somewhat cumbersome.  Since writing this post, I have found a new method that is a combination of arm knitting and using oversized needle.  I plan to share a tutorial for that soon.

These chunky knit blankets are beautiful and very heavy, but need to be handled with care. Because they are wool, they cannot be washed (unless you want it to shrink to about half it’s size) and must be professionally dry cleaned.    I would not want to have a dog or cat near it because of the washability issue and the fact that this carded, pre-spun wool will pull easily.  But, that being said – I absolutely love the look and know others do too!  Here’s a look at the throw folded over so you can see how the knit looks on both sides.

Close Up Wool Roving - Chunky Knit Blanket

I’m selling two different sizes of these chunky knit blankets in my Etsy shop. – a small lap-sized throw or baby blanket (32″ x 48″) for $200, and a larger size blanket that is perfect for the end of the bed (40″ x 60″) for $250.   I know that sounds like a lot, but I tried to keep my price lower than most other sellers.    Once I share my method for making these chunky knit blankets, you will be able to make your own!  And, I may consider selling the wool roving in my Etsy shop for your convenience and to give you a great price.

Cozy Chunky Knit Blanket


So, if you want to learn how to knit your own chunky knit blanket, stay tuned!  I’m working on a video tutorial explaining everything you need to know!


Friday 15th of December 2017

Hi! So Lancaster are fairly close to me then as I am in York county. : ) I love your graphics and hope I can learn to make mine look as good as you used Photoshop? A friend of mine just made a gray blanket like yours neat!

Chunky Knit Blankets - Make or Buy for Your Home - The Country Chic Cottage

Saturday 18th of February 2017

[…] going to need yarn if you are going to make one of these great chunky knit blankets yourself.  Hymns and Verses recommends using wool roving.  I must say her handmade blanket looks […]

Glynda Dowdy

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

I would like to speak to you regarding 3 different signs. I do not need prior to Christmas. Thank you!

Doreen Cagno

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Hi, Glynda. Why don't you send me a message over at my Etsy shop - here's the link:

Looking forward to hearing from you!