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DIY Cat Perch – Hanging Window Basket

Yesterday, I shared a peak at Sadie’s new cat perch.  She is really loving it up there.  It’s a short jump from our bed to the basket and she has quite a view of our back yard.  She especially likes to watch the birds flying by from tree to tree and makes a high pitched chirping sound that I’ve never heard from a cat before!  It’s pretty funny!

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This cat perch was so easy to make.  And, what I like most about it, it works with the decor in my bedroom.  I have nothing against cat trees, but let’s face it, they aren’t terribly attractive.  And, I really don’t have the space for one in our bedroom.  So, this is what I came up with!


SUPPLIES TO MAKE A hanging basket DIY cat perch

*  A basket tray (I purchased mine at HomeGoods for $14.99)
*  Piece of thin plywood cut about two inches smaller than the bottom of the basket.
*  Two shelf brackets
*  Jute Rope
Mount your brackets underneath the window trim.   Screw piece of plywood to the top of the brackets. Sit basket on top of the plywood.
To attach the basket to the plywood, we drilled two holes down through the basket and wood underneath and fed a heavy duty zip tie through both holes to the underside of the board and pulled it tight.  Then we trimmed the ends of the zip ties so you can’t see them.  So you can see, the perch is supported, but I wanted to give the look that it is hanging.  Here’s where the jute rope comes in.
Next, I fed the end of the rope through the front of the basket on the right side.  I knotted it on the inside of the basket to secure.  Then I stood on a stool and took the rope up to the curtain rod bracket, fed it over the top and down to the other side of the basket.    Leaving plenty of rope to make a knot, I cut the rope and fed it through the front of the basket on the left side.  I finished by pulling the rope taunt and made a second knot on the left side.
To make the basket comfy and cozy, I folded up a down blanket that we weren’t using and put a zig zag pattern tea towel on top to act as a sheet to keep cat hair off the blanket (easier to wash a towel than a down blanket!)   In the cooler months, I add a cozy fur blanket and Sadie loves that!  As you can see, Sadie seems to like her new spot!  Oh, the life of a cat!

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Monday 27th of January 2020

What a beautiful way to give our felines the perfect space without interfering with our space's design! Your room looks so refreshing and peaceful. Love the colors you've chosen. This cat basket only makes it all the more cozy!

Hope you don't mind me using your photo (with proper credit of course!). I've used 2 of your designs on my most recent post:

Your blog is absolutely wonderful. I adore the name too! Thank you for sharing your heart and your incredible creations! Praying your day is blessed. ❤

Doreen Cagno

Wednesday 29th of January 2020

Awe - Thanks so much for the share, Holly! So glad you love these projects!

Luci perci @

Friday 10th of January 2020

Hi thankyou for such a lovely post, by the way your picture on the right side bar is amazing, it gives a feeling of human in this digital world, i should put mine as well on my site.

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