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Where Did You Get Your Gray Tufted Chairs?

The question I get asked the most on my blog is:  Where did you get your gray tufted chairs?    I’ve shared the answer over and over, but I finally decided it was time to devote a blog post to this topic because:

  1.  I love these chairs and
  2. You obviously do too!  And, you’d love to know where you can buy them!

Gray Tufted Chairs - Charcoal Gray Tufted Chair

Here’s a look at my chairs spring, summer, and fall.  They are such a nice neutral and they are so comfortable too!  Here’s the story of where I purchased these amazing chairs.  A few years ago I was in TJ Maxx and saw on of these beauties!  I was looking for new armchairs, but that isn’t why I was in the store. But, as soon as I laid eyes on this chair, I knew it was the chair style I wanted in my living room.  I texted Mark and sent a pic by phone to him.  He really liked it too – probably because of the color.  At that time I still had three grown guys  plus Mark living at home and I think Mark thought they would look good and the color choice really suited our home.

Gray Tufted Chairs - Gray Tufted Chair

But, there was a problem.  The TJ Maxx store only had one chair and I really wanted two matching chairs for the living room.  There was a friendly store clerk nearby and I told her my problem.  She was so sweet and asked me how far I was willing to drive for a match if she could find one for me.   I told her 100 miles. So, bless her heart, she went to the store phone directory and started calling other TJ Maxx stores in a 100 mile radius!  I shopped and wished while she made the calls.  It wasn’t too long before she found me and told me she found one!  Can you even believe it!  And, it was only about 50 miles away!  The other store put my name on the chair and held it for me until the next day.  I called Mark and he drove his work van down to the local store where I was to pick up the one they had!  And, he drove to the second store the next day to pick up that one for me – I know, he’s THE BEST!

2016 Christmas Home

So, I’ve had these chairs for four years now and they still look like new.  They’ve really held up well and have a sturdy high back that I love.  One thing I will mention is that the legs on the chair were originally a blond wood and I used a gel stain in walnut overtop so the legs would work with the dark wood tones in my room.

So, here’s the problem.  I’ve searched high and low to find these chairs online so I can give you a source to buy your own.  Unfortunately, I’ve only occasionally found this chair online and then it sells out right away. So, I have compiled a resource guide of similar chairs to mine and I hope you find it useful.

This first chair is from Joss and Main and is similar in style to mind.  Except, I just noticed that it doesn’t seem to have a separate seat cushion.  And, the most noticeable thing is the color – it’s a light gray.  But, as far as design, it is probably the most similar.  Notice the tufting on the inside arms – it’s the only one I could find online that had that feature like mine.

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Gray Tufted Chairs - Joss and Main Eli Tufted Arm Chair

Joss & Main Eli Tufted Arm Chair

You will probably say – wait, this chair doesn’t look like your chairs at all.  No, it doesn’t.  But, I’m including it because this was the chair I was planning to purchase before I spotted the chair at TJ Maxx.  It’s from World Market and has good reviews.  I really like the look and style of this chair and the gray charcoal upholstery is very similar to the chairs I have now.

Gray Tufted Chairs - World Market

World Market Charcoal Oscar Chair


This chair from Wayfair is nice.  It has some nailhead trim on the sides, but not too much.  It doesn’t have the arm tufting like mine and the shape is a little different – but, it’s a nice charcoal gray armchair.

Gray Tufted Chairs - Wayfair Alcott Hill Alpha Tufted Armchair

Wayfair Alcott Hill Alpha Tufted Armchair

This chair from Overstock is very similar in color and style.  Again, it doesn’t have the tufted inside arms.  And, there’s the legs are turned outward.

Gray Tufted Chairs - Overstock Anikki Tufted Fabric Club Chair

Overstock Anikki Tufted Fabric Club Chair

This sweet chair from Pier One caught my eye.  I really like the shape of it, even though it’s not like mine.  It is a chair that I would buy.  I like the nailhead trim around the bottom and really like the turned legs.  It’s a beauty!

Gray Tufted Chairs - Pier One

Pier One Chas Performance Twill Charcoal Armchair


I had to check Target and found this set.  It’s a nice option because it comes with the matching ottoman.  It also has subtle nailhead trim, but not too much!  Can you tell I’m not a huge fan of lots of nailhead trim!

Gray Tufted Chairs - Target Tafton Club Chair and Ottoman

Target Tafton Club Chair and Ottoman

So, these are all options I would consider if I hadn’t been lucky enough to find the gray tufted chairs I did at TJ Maxx. You can shop at TJ Maxx online now, and I would also look there from time to time to see what chairs they have in stock.  I will say that since I purchased my chairs, I have seen this style often at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and even Marshalls.  I see it most in a natural fabric, which is lovely as well.  But, again, they don’t last long in the stores either!  I’ll continue to try to source these chairs online for you and if I am lucky enough to find the exact chairs – I’ll be sure to update you all!  Until then, if you are looking for some charcoal armchairs for your home – these options are good ones!

Gray Tufted Chairs Buying Guide



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Mindy Ackerson

Thursday 12th of July 2018

You are so thoughtful to research another seller of your cute gray chairs. I love your chairs and I want to find a pair. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you look at any writing/numbers or tags on your chairs that may tell us who the manufacturer is? I love the shade of gray and the styling of your chairs vs the others online. Thank you so much. Mindy

Doreen Cagno

Friday 31st of August 2018

Hi, Mindy

I'm not sure you subscribe to my emails, so I wanted to let you know that I spotted a tufted gray chair like mine at my local HomeGoods yesterday for $250. It had already been sold and was sitting at the entrance for pick up. I also checked my chairs for any tags/writing. I took pics for you of those too. Both of my chairs have identical tags on the bottom - even though I purchased them from two different TJ Maxx stores! I hope this all helps in some way! Good luck finding the chairs and I'll keep your information if I find anything else!


Monday 30th of October 2017

Would you mind sharing the height and width of the chairs?! I'm on a crazy search for ones like these but they all keep ending up looking too short. I love the height of yours! Thank you!!!


Wednesday 27th of September 2017

What a wonderful blogger you are! These are great options and good chair sources too. I like how you have all the information and then put all the chairs in a "group photo" so that we could compare them side by side too. Thank you!


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

Where did your red and white Christmas pillows come from?

Doreen Cagno

Tuesday 26th of September 2017

Hi, Debby. I made the red and white plaid pillow cover and I bought the Merry Christmas to you all pillow cover from H & M Home last year. They may have it again this year.

Norma Rolader

Tuesday 26th of September 2017

They are all really nice and thank you for asking for our help Best of luck on your choice God bless