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H & M Holiday Home for 2019

It’s that time of year when I’m scouring the online and local retails stores and small shops for Christmas decor inspiration!  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that H & M is one of my favorite spots to find affordable and quality pillow covers and small decor.  So, today I wanted to share some of my pics from the H & M Holiday Home collection for 2019!  

I’ve divided my pics into four categories, because these seem to be the predominant colors/themes being offered this year for the H & M Holiday collection – Winter Toile, Reindeer, Green, Red, and Black and Gold.  The images in the collage photos are numbered.  Below each photo collage will be more about each numbered item with a link to item on the H & M website.  

*This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Please see my full disclosure statement HERE.

I also wanted to mention that there is currently a 20% off sale on everything at H & M if you are an H & M Loyalty member.  It’s a free program where you earn points and there are discounts for members only, like this weekend.  So, you can sign up for the program and get any of these items for 20% this weekend.  


H & M Holiday

Winter Toile

H & M Holiday Collection for 2019 - Winter Toile

I named this winter toile and it’s my absolute favorite design from the H & M Holiday Collection!  You know I love black and white, and I also love a good toile print!  This one with the winter trees and deer is lovely! 

  1. Planter.  This 5″ x 5″ plant pot would be a great little gift with some paper white bulbs planted in it or a single flower poinsettia! 
  2. Pillow.  This pillow cover reminds me of the Pottery Barn winter toile pillow that I have had for a few years, which they no longer sell!  And, this H&M version has a much lower price tag!  It’s a 20″ x 20″ and is only $5.99!!!  How can they do that!!!  If you’ve never purchased a pillow cover from H&M, the quality is amazing!!!   I would even go so far as to say comparable to Pottery Barn!
  3. Duvet Set.  You may be seeing this set in my bedroom for Christmas!  It comes with the duvet and two shams.  I think it would be stunning with some pops of Christmas red or green or even burgundy in throw pillows or a blanket!  You really need to see the detail in this pretty set!  And, it’s just $49.99 for the queen size!  They do have this same duvet set in a twin size and wouldn’t this be cute in a kids room for Christmas and winter!  The twin size is $24.99!  
  4. Wrapping Paper.  This is another item you will likely be seeing in my home!  I love finding interesting wrapping paper!  And, this paper would be gorgeous mixed with other patterns too!  It’s a good price at $4.99 for a roll!  
  5. Candle.  The porcelain container for this candle is so pretty with the gold rim and it could be repurposed after the candle is burned out!
  6. Gift Tags.  These are just sweet little gift tags that match the toile gift wrap!  $2.99 for five tags.


H & M Holiday


H & M Holiday Collection for 2019 - Reindeer


  1.  Reindeer Pillow Cover.  I have this pillow cover from last year!  And, I’ll be using it again this year!  It’s so pretty and, again, the quality is amazing!  This one is $9.99!  
  2. Set of 2 Tea Towels.  This is a set of two cotton towels for $9.99.  The one I’m showing is the reindeer image and the other one is plain.  Use this cotton tea towel to make a banner by folding the top edge over 1 inch and sew.  Put a dowel rod through and tie on some jute twine!  Instant banner and great gift!
  3. Stag Head Pillow Cover.  This pillow cover is new this year!  It would be great in a family room or den!  It’s a 20″ x 20″ and is 5.99!  This also comes in a dark green!
  4. Oval Plate.  This is the oval plate for  $5.99, but it also comes in a round dessert plate.
  5. Mug.  Matching reindeer mug for $5.99.  Looking to put together a mug gift with hot cocoa or coffee, this one is really pretty!
  6. Set of 2 Hand Towels.  If you are having guests over, these pretty hand towels would be so pretty in your bathroom!

holiday GREEN

H & M Holiday Collection for 2019 - Green

  1.  Merry Christmas Wreath Pillow Cover.Another great Christmas pillow.  It’s 20″ x 20″ and is $9.99.
  2. Merry Christmas Wreath Burlap Tree Mat.  This isn’t a tree skirt, but a tree mat (it goes under your tree).  I’ve seen other bloggers use the H&M tree mats as wall hangings!  If you use it as a tree mat, just know that your tree will cover up the words.  It’s 33 1/4″ round and is $17.99!
  3. Pine Pillow Cover.  This pine branch pillow cover is similar to one I got at H&M a few years ago.  It’s a classic winter design that will last past the holidays!  This one is also $9.99!
  4. Green and Gold Glass Candlestick.  I’m a sucker for green and gold, so I love this little candlestick!  It is $12.99 and also comes in red and clear glass.
  5. Paper Honeycomb ornaments.  I’m loving the resurgence of the old fashioned, paper honeycomb ornaments!  H&M has several options in different colors!  This is just one of those options in green!
  6. Green Star Dessert Plate.  Another pretty dessert plate to add to your holiday table!  It also comes in white and gold and is $5.99.

Holiday RED

H & M Holiday Collection for 2019 - Red

  1.  Peace, Love & Joy Pillow Cover.  This one is on clearance for $4.99 and would be an additional 20% off if you are a loyalty member!  It’s 16″ x 16″.
  2. Honeycomb Ornament Set.  Another pretty set of honeycomb ornaments.
  3. Red Velvet Sequin Star Pillow.  There are lots of star items this year and several different star pillow cover designs.  This one is red velvet with gold sequins.  It is a 16″ x 16″ for $17.99.
  4. Poinsettia Dessert Plate.  If you love Christmas red, this dessert plate is so pretty!
  5. Red Ombre Glass Ornaments.  I personally love these ombre glass ornaments and am thinking of getting a few sets of these!  12 ornaments for $12.99.  They also come in green glass.
  6. Red and Burgundy Poinsettia Paper Napkins.  Are you having an open house or drop in, these paper napkins are sooooo pretty!  They are $2.99 for a 20 pack.  If you like this burgundy and red poinsettia pattern, there are more items with that design!


H & M Holiday Collection for 2019 Black and Gold

  1.  Lumbar Pillow Cover.  This pillow cover is 16″ x 24″ and is $9.99.  They are calling it beige, but it would pass for gold.
  2. Pinecone Place Card Holders.  These pinecone place card holders could be used from Thanksgiving all through the winter months!  Set of 4 for $12.99.  They also come in silver.
  3. Star Pattern Pillow Cover.  This is a 20″ x 20″ pillow cover with an overall star pattern and is $12.99.  It also comes in white and gold and green and gold.
  4. Yours and Mine Hand Towels.  These are gorgeous!!!  They are embroidered!!!  Set of 2 for $12.99.  Get a set for you and as gifts!  I am!
  5. Small Mercury Glass Ornaments.  This is a set of small mercury glass ornaments.   Set of 6 for $9.99.
  6. Gold Acorn Ornament.  This would be sweet tied to a package under the tree!  It’s 1 1/4″ x 2″ for $2.99.

So, what do you think of the H & M Holiday offerings?  I know I always find a few things each year that I want for my home!  I haven’t completely decided on what colors I’m using this year in my holiday decor, but I try to keep things classic, so any of these categories would work in my home!  Please let me know if you like seeing this kind of post!  I love sharing good deals, but these posts take quite a bit of time!   If it’s not something you like, then I won’t share them!  But, if you do like getting a heads up on a great sale, then I will continue to share them!   I hope you are having a great weekend!  I’ll be back next week!  

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Beverly Trice

Sunday 27th of October 2019

Just lovely. I say “Yes” to future similar posts. It’s like having a personal shopper and your taste and sense of style is so lovely— we all want to copy it in our homes. Thank you for all your work! ...and congrats on your newest family member.


Sunday 27th of October 2019

Yes. I do appreciate these kind of posts and the time involved. These are great ideas and were sent out far enough in advance for me to become a member and order. I will be sure to shop through your links. I'm starting with the winter toile pillows! Thanks Doreen. Glad to hear the wedding went well. 😊

Lee Durden

Saturday 26th of October 2019

I bought the Deer pillow cover #1 last Spring. It replaced my Fur pillow covers and Love it!!

Talitha Wright

Saturday 26th of October 2019

This H & M collection is great. Love having these posts from you.

kathy t

Saturday 26th of October 2019

Lovely picks from H &M . I love the winter toile too. I’ll have to sign up on web site , I’ve never shopped there before ! ( shocking ) and Congratulations to all the sweet blessings you have going on in your family .