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Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Do you know someone who loves a hot cup of tea? For me, I always think about my own mother. She loved her tea and had multiple cups daily! Today, I’ve got a fun DIY project that is perfect for the tea lover in your life – DIY heart shaped tea bags.

Tea cup with tea and heart shaped tea bag.  Red spray rose bouquet in the background.  Heart shaped cookies on the saucer.

I’m sharing this project today for Cozy Living Saturday hosted by my friend Jennifer from Town and Country Living. For me, the best way to make any wintery day cozy is to spend it making something. And, if there’s a candle burning and some beautiful music playing, that makes it even more cozy! At the end of today’s post, you’ll find more cozy living ideas for February!

Let’s Make Heart Shaped Tea Bags

These cute tea bags are both affordable and so easy to make! And, you probably have everything you need to make some right now! Plus, they would make a great little Valentine’s Day gift for a special friend, mom, grandmother, aunt . . . Why not make one or more this weekend! Then, pop one into a card and get it in the mail early next week in time for Valentine’s Day!

Creative Ways to Use Heart Shaped Tea Bags

These heart shaped tea bags would also be perfect for a Valentine’s Day tea or brunch! And, you could include them with a whole “tea themed” gift for Valentine’s Day with a special tea, pretty teacup and saucer, scones or cookies, honey, etc. Oh, and what about using them as party favors at a Bridal Shower! There are so many ways you could use them besides Valentine’s Day!

What you need

  • White Coffee Filters
  • Sewing Needle and Thread (I used red)
  • Paper or Cardstock for tags
  • Loose leaf tea
  • Glue stick

How to Make Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Step 1. Draw a heart shape in the center of a coffee filter. (I made a heart template out of cardstock that measured approximately 2.5″H x 2.5″W at the widest point). Then, I traced that template onto the coffee filter.

Coffee filters with pencil drawn heart in the center.  Step 1 to make DIY heart shaped tea bags.

Step 2. Cut a piece of thread approximately 30 inches long. Then, thread the needle and pull the thread so the two ends are even. Make a double knot at the end.

Step 3. Layer a second coffee filter underneath the one with the pattern.

Step 4. Bring your needle up through both filters from behind at the center point just under the drawn line.

Red thread running stitch around the inside perimeter of a heart shape.

Step 5. Use a small running stitch around the inside perimeter of the pencil line.

Step 6. Stop stitching about 3/4 way around the heart as shown in the photo below. Do NOT cut the thread!

Step 7. Carefully cut along the pencil line of your heart. Be careful not to cut the thread.

Red stitched heart with opening at the left top.  Scissors shown for cutting the shape.

Step 8. Use the remaining opening to fill the tea bag with loose leaf tea. Don’t make it too full because it will be harder to sew shut.

Filling a heart shaped tea bag with loose leaf tea.

Step 9. Continue sewing to close up the top of the heart.

Step 10. Cut the thread approximately 5 inches from the top of the heart.

Sewn heart shaped tea bag with 5 inches of thread left loose at the top.

Step 11. Make a tag. Measure a piece of paper or cardstock 1″W x 2.5″T and fold in half. I used pink cardstock. Then, I used a tiny heart-shaped punch to make a red heart to glue on the tag. But, you can decorate the tag in any way you like.

Heart shaped tea bag with folded cardstock for a tag

Step 12. Use a glue stick to coat the inside of the tag. Now, stick the thread ends to it.

Step 13. Fold the tag closed over the thread and press to secure.

Heart shaped tea bag made from coffee filters

What do you think?

And, that’s it! It seems like a lot of steps, but I wanted to really break it down so you could see just how easy this is to do!

NOTE: If you wanted to do a whipstitch around the heart instead of a running stitch, you could do that by cutting out the traced heart on two filters first and then whip stitch around the edges.

Collage showing images of steps to make a heart shaped tea bag

I hope you will try making these heart shaped tea bags if you know someone who loves to drink tea! It would be such a special gift to receive!

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Susannah Wollman

Sunday 6th of February 2022

This is such a sweet way to celebrate the love of your life! It would also make great gifts for teachers or bridesmaids or friends of any kind! I like it so much I'm going to make some of my own and then adapt the idea for other holidays (like shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day). You delight me with your blog!

Doreen Cagno

Monday 7th of February 2022

I'm so glad you liked this project!!


Sunday 6th of February 2022

Such an adorable and sweet idea for Valentine's Day! LOVE them xx


Sunday 6th of February 2022

No way! This is the cutest idea every. How brilliant. I cant wait to gift this to someone:) Im very impressed with this beautiful craft.

Marie Dillon

Saturday 5th of February 2022

Such a great idea. Think I'll make a bunch for my mom and daughter. Happy Valentine's day.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

Saturday 5th of February 2022

These are so adorable, Doreen! Perfect for Valentine's Day or any day, really.