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He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands – A Sunday Hymn

Today, I’m sharing another Sunday Hymn.  I remember singing this song around the campfire at church camps when I was young – way back in the 70’s.   Do you remember it – “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”?


Vintage World Map Printable - He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

This little song came to my mind as I was thinking about songs that might bring some encouragement and boost your faith in these days of uncertainty!  Music is therapy to me!  There’s nothing like music that will lift my spirits when I’m feeling low!  So, I hope that this song lifts your spirits today too!

the story behind the song

This song is considered an American Folk Song or Spiritual.  It was first published in a paperbound hymnal “Spirituals Triumphant, Old and New” in 1927.  There doesn’t appear to be a known author, only that it was passed along from generation to generation.  

Printable Inspired by the Song

I created this printable using a royalty free image of a 1859 World Map.   It is a legal sized print (8.5″ x 14″) and can be printed on your home printer.   I think this particular printable would look amazing enlarged as an engineering print from the office supply store!  

he’s got the whole world in his hands

As I was searching You Tube for a video of this song, I stumbled upon a version that was just recorded and uploaded a day ago by a music teacher.  He sent this video to his students on the last day before spring break.  I thought this was so special considering how the kids might be feeling now since they may not be going back to school this year.  

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands Printable - Hymns and Verses Blog

I hope you liked this Sunday post!  If you missed my first Sunday Hymn post, it featured the hymn “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and also included a printable.  

Paula Afonso

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

Your posts are truly inspiring and uplift my soul! In Europe, I'm witnessing the overwhelming devastation being caused. Please stay safe, stay at home and take care of your loved ones. Thank you so much. Praying daily for us all!


Monday 30th of March 2020

Great reminder! Thanks for sharing Doreen!

Debbie L.

Monday 30th of March 2020

Doreen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this. What a beautiful reminder.

Janette Deans

Monday 30th of March 2020

Thankyou I will treasure this.x

Sharon Brosey

Sunday 29th of March 2020

Thanks, Doreen. Nice reminder no matter where we live we are all in this together and can uplift one another.