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Reading Nook and Nursery Updates for Autumn

Happy Tuesday!  Being a grandmother is so much fun!  And, I love that my sweet granddaughter has become so comfortable in the little nursery we created for her.  I couldn’t resist bringing a few touches of autumn into the space!   Since she is just nine months old, I realise it’s more for me than for her!  But, I had so much fun with these little autumn updates in the reading nook and nursery!

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Autumn Reading Nook and Nursery 

wall shelf

Shelf and Peg Rail in Nursery Decorated for Fall

Mark and I took some photos of our little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch last month.  I had one of the prints enlarged and framed to sit on the shelf. 

Shelf and Peg Rail in Nursery Decorated for Fall

I changed out the white wool garland that hung from the pegs to one with more autumn shades.  And, I tied some book page leaves to it.  I also taped some of the leaves to the wall to look like faling leaves.  I switched out the little wicker pocketbook that had hung on one of the pegs for a cuddly teddy bear backpack.  And, the little dress that was hanging here was changed to this sweet quilted jacket.  

Quilted fall jacket and teddy bear backpack for fall baby from Target.


Little table and chairs for autumn

The table is still set for tea, but I added these sweet stuffed pumpkins in soft chenille and cotton that I purchased from Charm and Olive on Etsy.  She also made the sweet houses, moon and star garland you see on and above the shelf.  

Vintage Teddy Bear with Stuffed Pumpkin for Fall Nursery


reading nook for autumn

Reading Nook for Fall

In the reading nook, I made some large and cozy pillow covers with sherpa fabric.  Then I found the most perfect calico floral print for this space and made two more pillow covers for this space.  The cute fox pillow cover is from H&M Home.  I also made this pumpkin pillow using sherpa fabric!  It was so easy and tomorrow I’ll be sharing the tutorial with you! 

Fox Pillow for Fall in Reading Nook with Fall Book Page Leaf Garland

I also picked up some sweet fall board books to read to baby girl!  

The Thank You Book

You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie

The ABC’s of Halloween

A Very Thankful Prayer

A Pumpkin for Peter Rabbit

I Love to Gobble You Up!

I Love You, Little Pumpkin

It’s Pumpkin. Day, Mouse!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Hanging Fall Leaf Garland

I also made the sweet leaf garlands hanging from the curtain rod.   And, I added some copper wire string lights to hang from the ceiling.   Here are the leaf templates I used.  You can download and print them.  I’ll also put them in my Free Printable Library.

Template for Fall Leaves

To make the leaf garland, just cut each leaf template and trace onto old book pages.  Then thread a sewing needle with the fishing line and poke the threaded needle through the leaf.   

Book Page Fall Leaf Garland in Reading Nook

Make a knot in the fishing line where you want the leaf to stop (otherwise, the leaves will just slide freely.  Continue adding leaves spaced out by adding knots for each leaf to stop on the line.  This fun leaf garland could be used anywhere in your home!

Book Page Fall Leaf Garland

I hope you enjoyed seeing the touches of autumn that I added to the reading nook and nursery!  Stop back tomorrow to see how I made the pink pumpkin pillow!  


A Cozy Fall Book Nook for Kids



Thursday 15th of October 2020

Very sweet! I would have lived this, when I was younger and now! The leaves especially are so whimsical. I've been keeping an eye out for your reading nook posts ever since you first mentioned making it- did you ever talk about the DIY seat cushion, and I missed it? I've been wanting to do something similar, and was hoping your way was easy!

Michele M. (Finch Rest)

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

This room is absolutely perfect. You have such talent and great taste.

I want a reading nook, too! Haha.

Marilyn Holeman

Tuesday 13th of October 2020

Your grand daughter is blessed indeed to have you nearby! My little grandsons just moved several states away, and I have to keep reminding myself that it is all part of God's perfect plan. I love your beautiful, detailed shelf, and the color of the sweet table and chairs. Thanks for sharing your leaf patterns, too, although I don't see a way to download them here. Guess I'll have to head to the printable library. The autumn books look great, too! Enjoy, Doreen!


Tuesday 13th of October 2020

The nursery is very Fall looking. I like the book nook. Have a great and happy Autumn. Marion


Tuesday 13th of October 2020

Thank You for the book list. Your nursery is lovely. HAPPY FALL Marilyn