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Sing, Sing for Christmas!

Sing, Sing for Christmas!
Welcome happy day!
For Christ is born our Saviour,
To take our sins away.
Sing, sing a joyful song,
Loud and clear to-day;
To praise our Lord and Saviour,
Who in the manger lay.
Tell, tell the story
Of the wondrous night,
When shepherds who were watching
Their flocks till morning light,
Saw angel hosts from heaven,
Heard the angel voice,
And so were told the tidings
Which make the world rejoice!
Soft, softly shining,
Stars were in the sky,
And silver fell the moonlight
On hill and mountain high,
When suddenly the night
Outshone the bright mid-day,
With angel hosts who, herald
The reign of peace for aye.
Hark, hear them singing,
Singing in the sky,
Of worship, honor, glory,
And praise to God on high!
Peace, peace, good-will to men!
Born the child from heaven!
The Christ, the Lord, the Saviour,
The Son to you is given!
Sing, sing for Christmas!
Echo, earth, the cry
Of worship, honor, glory,
And praise to God on high!
Sing, sing the joyful song,
Let it never cease,
Of glory in the highest,
On earth, good-will and peace.
J.H. Egar

Merry Christmas!

Sherry Niemi

Friday 26th of December 2014

Thank you Doreen that was beautiful. Wishing for you and your a happy, healthy new year. God's blessings for you and yours and I will continue to pray for a full recovery.