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Create a Cozy Bedroom for Winter

This weekend is the beginning of daylight savings time when we Fall back!  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping (at least where I live).     In the colder winter months I especially want my bedroom to be cozy.  So, here are some things I do to create a cozy bedroom for winter.


I like to “cozify” our bed with lots of layers in the winter!  The first layer is a nice set of soft flannel sheets!    In the warmer months, I like crisp sheets, but not when it’s cold!  Flannel sheets come in all price ranges.  I would stay away from the very cheapest because they are probably more likely to pill when washed.   The next layer is a thin quilt.  We use this on nights that aren’t too cold.  At the foot of our bed is a down comforter with a duvet cover.  There’s nothing that will keep you warm and toasty like down!   I like to sleep in a cold house, so a down comforter is so nice to snuggle under when it’s super cold outside!   Finally, I like to keep a cozy throw blanket at the foot of our bed for days when I just want to snuggle and read a book – my favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


I think the amount of pillows you have on your bed is a personal choice.  But, I wouldn’t go without my euro sized pillows and my sleeping pillows, of course!   I like to have some large, 26″ x 26″  euro sized pillows next to my headboard.  They are nice to lean against if you are sitting up in bed.   I usually have a combination of our sleeping pillows and some more decorative pillows – because I like pillows (ha, ha)!!!   I keep a vintage-style laundry cart in the corner of our bedroom and that’s where the extra pillows go at bedtime.   In the winter months, I’m also more mindful of the fabric choices I make in my pillow covers.  Here, I’ve chosen soft, wide wale corduroy euro shams and cotton velvet decorative pillows.   Faux fur and chunky knit pillows are also great choices for the colder winter months.


Because those floors can get chilly, make sure you have a cozy rug in your bedroom.  If your bedroom has wall to wall carpeting, you’re set!  If not, then bring in a cozy area rug.  If one huge rug is too costly, purchase runners and tuck them under the edge of your bed.  If you have a dust ruffle on your bed to hide the edge of the runner, it looks like you’ve got one big rug under your bed!


Even though I have the chandelier in our bedroom, I will admit that we rarely use it.  It’s purely decorative.  But, we do use our bedside table lamps.  They are so nice for reading at bedtime.  Candlelight is another element of a cozy bedroom.  But, I don’t like to use a real candle because I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep with it burning.  So, I use a battery operated candle with a timer on it.  It gives the same cozy glow without the worry!


I like to diffuse essential oils at bedtime and there are so many combinations of scents that are lovely this time of year.   My friend, Beth at Unskinny Boppy, shared some amazing essential oil scent combinations (diffuser recipes)  for the autumn and winter months!   I refer to Beth’s scent recipes often!  You can find them HERE.

Finally, I like to keep my slippers and robe handy at the foot of our bed so I can grab them as soon as I am ready to get up!  I get a pair of these slippers every fall, and I recently found this sherpa jacket that is so soft and cozy!   It’s so affordable that I actually got it in two colors – the white shown and burgundy!   They are almost sold out online, but check your local store!  And, I can’t not mention my favorite kit cat who loves to get cozy in our bed – Sadie!!!   She fell in love with this chunky knit throw!!!

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Patricia Neuffer

Tuesday 6th of November 2018

First x I've been on your've sold me, I am so signing up to receive your emails! I found u from natasha s kitchen, another great blogger! Love love your cozy bedroom, gorgeous accessories! And Sadie looks so precious, and spoiled!....Only way to have a sweet pet!


Monday 5th of November 2018

I burn tea lights . I light them about 5pm and they naturally burn out by bedtime. Thanks for all the cozy ideas


Sunday 4th of November 2018

I really, really like how you have decorated your bedroom and so wish I could do the same. However, my husband is the opposite of me and hot natured. Even through the coldest nights, he only has a sheet and light blanket on top of him. I would smother him with a comforter!

laura janning

Sunday 4th of November 2018

Doreen, love all your tips for a cozy winter bedroom. Bring on the layers,,,and pillows.

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