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DIY Fall Corn Shock Wreath

Making a Corn Husk Wreath is a great way to bring a rustic, farmhouse feel to your home. Not only can you use it as a decoration for special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but they make beautiful everyday decorations too. Corn husks are easy to find, inexpensive and wonderfully versatile. With this guide, you’ll be able to make your own corn husk wreath in no time!

Making a wreath is the perfect way to dress up your front door with a gorgeous statement piece. You only need a few supplies that you may have on hand if you’re an avid crafter in your craft cabinet or closet. If not, these are relatively inexpensive supplies and can be found quite easily during the fall season at your local craft store or at any local or online retailers.

Making your own dry husk wreath will cost a fraction of the cost compared to what you would pay in stores for one of those wreaths made from corn cobs and husks. I’ve seen them anywhere from $58 to over $130 for one fall wreath. 

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Corn husks- if you live in a rural area you may be able to grab some laying around the freshly cut corn stalks after harvest season on your local corn fields (if your local farmer is okay with that! No Tresspassing) or you may find them being sold at your local farmers market. 

A wire wreath frame.  I purchased an 18 inch green wire frame, like THIS, from AC Moore. I feel that the wire frame will hold up better than a straw wreath form although that may give off a nice base to work with for this kind of fall corn husk wreath project

Garden pruning shears

Wire paddle like THIS.



How to Make a Corn Husk Wreath

​This fall project is so much fun and will come together in only a few steps!


Cut the corn husks and tassels off the long parts using your shears or you can use scissors that are sharp and long enough.  I cut my pieces about 12 inches long.  The longer the pieces, the more unruly your wreath will be.


Attach the end of the wire from the paddle to the wire wreath form (keep the paddle on the inside of the wreath form).  Gather a bunch of about 8 or 9 pieces that have been cut to size.  Lay the bunch inside the rounded wire frame.  Now, wrap the wire around that bunch several times.


Gather another bunch and attach it the same way, but overlap this bunch to cover the wire from the first bunch.  Continue on this way the whole way around the wreath.  The end of the final bunch should be underneath your very first bunch.  And, you don’t see any of the wires!  How easy is that!!!

I even made a video showing you just how easy it is!



What else can I add to this wreath?

This is a simple wreath that doesn’t need to be too fancy, but if you want to add something to your easy corn husk wreath, you can. Something simple yet festive that would go with the natural elements of this wreath would be if you attached a small DIY sign that said Happy Fall Y’all. 

Additionally, if you enjoy decorating with fall decor around the house, you can use any small decor pieces and attach them to the wreath just like you did with the wire attaching the small bunches of husks. This is an easy way to jazz up the wreath a bit without incurring any additional cost. 

Alternatively, if you have a few extra bucks to spend on this, you could head to the dollar store and load up on a few fall pieces to add to your wreath or around your house or front porch. I can almost guarantee you’ll find a Happy Fall sign there!  

This would be a great opportunity to get creative  and use materials like raffia, burlap, jute twine, or even dried flowers. The possibilities are endless – the only real limit is your imagination! Have fun and enjoy bringing this project to life. 

​If I don’t have a wire, can I use zip ties? 

I would think using zip ties would take away from the visual appeal if you’re wrapping the husks with them. I would think I would use a hot glue gun and fix the dried husks to the wreath form that way.

If you could find a way to not see the zip ties from the front and only see them on the back of the wreath, I assume they would work. I would suggest using clear zip ties if that is all you had. 

If using a hot glue gun, be very careful when working with the husks, you don’t want to overheat them or burn yourself. Hot gluten can be a very helpful tool, but very messy and can end up painful if you aren’t careful.​

Can I use a different wreath form? 

Sure. While I think the wire form is the easiest to work with, you could attempt this with a wire hanger reshaped into a circular shape. I wouldn’t think a foam wreath would work as well as the wire versions for this gorgeous corn husk wreath. 

The important thing is that you have something strong and lightweight to attach the husks too. Good luck! 

I decided to hang this wreath outside on my garden gate but you can hang your husk wreath on the front porch on your front door or wherever else you like to hand your DIY fall wreaths for display.

But, I think it makes the perfect backdrop for a fall outdoor display with a corn husk wreath.   If you like this DIY fall wreath, you might like to see my Anthropologie Inspired Fall Wreath or my Real Oak Leaf Wreath.

Enjoy making your new Corn Husk Wreath to add to your other fall decorations! Store it properly when you aren’t displaying it so it will last as long as possible. 


Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

This wreath is so perfect for fall! Love it!

Doreen Cagno

Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

Thanks so much, Kim!!!

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