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Dresser Paint Color Change to Black

Happy Wednesday and First Day of Summer!  Have I told you how good it is to be back here!   If you caught my summer home tour, you probably noticed there was a color change in the dining room.   The vintage dresser/buffet went from gray to black!   First, I have to be totally honest and tell you about the incredible paint disaster that lead to this now black dresser!   I was feeling restless this spring and really wanted to make some changes around the house.  I didn’t have it in me to repaint a room, so the next best thing is a piece of furniture.   I decided I would repaint the dresser/buffet (I think I chose that piece because I was feeling tired of the gray).  But, I really didn’t stop to think things through.  I just went for my paint stash and looked at the colors that I had on hand.    So, one night when I couldn’t sleep, I began to paint the dresser in the prettiest shade of mint green.  I finished up and went to bed around 4 a.m.  When I got up  .  .  .  What was I thinking?  Nothing in my home is mint green!   Yes, I like mint green and, like I said, it was a really lovely shade too.  But, it just didn’t work.  I kept thinking it would grow on me, but nope – it didn’t!  So, I really started to think about my vision for this space (the dining room) going forward.  I started to look for inspiration in home decor magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and even HGTV.   And, I finally realized that what I really love is a classic look – one that stands the test of time, and hopefully I won’t  tire of too quickly.   And, when I think in those terms, I always go back to black and white.  Now, I know that’s not a huge departure from what I’ve got going on in my home with gray walls, white trim, and black interior doors.   But, the furniture color change to black made a dramatic difference (at least I think so).   Here’s the dresser before (also before the mint green – I really didn’t want to document that color choice).

Dresser Color Change - Gray Before

So, let’s talk about what I used to paint the dresser.   I went to my go-to favorite furniture paint, Maison Blanche, and used the color Wrought Iron.  You can see where I used the color Wrought Iron on another project HERE.  Wrought Iron is the perfect name for this paint!  I can’t think of a better description for this shade of black.  I ended up needing  just two coats to completely cover the light green.   That’s the testament to the quality of the paint!  I didn’t do any distressing because I wanted to stick with a classic look on this piece.

Dresser Paint Color Change to Black

To finish the piece, I used the new Espresso antique wax from Maison Blanche.  This wax is a deep, dark brown/black and it gave some warmth to the black color, along with the protection of the wax.

Dresser Color Change

The Espresso wax is new and there are two other new shades in the Maison Blanche antique wax collection.  You can see them HERE.   I can’t wait to try the other shades.

Dresser Color Change

A benefit with this new wax is that you don’t have to worry about buffing right away.   I applied the wax to the entire dresser, waited a few hours and then buffed the piece with a soft cloth. Once the dresser was finished and the original brass hardware put back in place, I knew I  made the right decision going with the black!  I love the classic look and feel of this piece!  I loved the contrasting look so much that I ended up painting my faux fireplace in the living room the same color!   It really pops now against the white shiplap wall in the living room.

Color Change - Black Fireplace

So, all of this to say – everyone has a paint disaster from time to time – especially when you choose a paint color  late at night!   But, a color change is an easy fix – just take time think through your choice of color!

Side by Side Dresser Paint Color Change


Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

Hello, I’ve been looking for this dresser on wheels that you noted above for some time. I believe the original I saw was the bluish color also noted. Would you please direct me to where this dresser might be found online or in Northern CA? Is there a specific name for the dresser style given it’s rounded front and wheels? Love it and the color you painted! Thank you! Myrna

Doreen Cagno

Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

Hi, Myrna.

The dresser is an antique that I purchased locally.


Sunday 3rd of September 2017

Your home is really beautiful, as is your dresser and fireplace transformation. You've inspired me to consider doing the same with a bachelor's chest. Is the paint durable? Does it scratch easily? Thanks!

Doreen Cagno

Monday 4th of September 2017

Yes, if you apply a wax or some other protective finish.


Friday 23rd of June 2017

Love this change. I liked the before and the after! I like how crisp it looks now. I enjoyed your home tour. I am hoping you will show the porch soon. I always love to see your porch in the seasons.


Friday 23rd of June 2017

Love the black and love that you shared your oops with us!

Purification Fiscus

Thursday 22nd of June 2017

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It looks beautiful. I hope I can do a good job on my cabinet.