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Sadie’s Christmas Gift Guide for Cats

If you are a regular reader here, you know I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady!  I love my little Sadie cat.  She is just a stray tabby girl that we rescued when her mother abandoned her.  She doesn’t have a fancy pedigree, but she is spoiled like she does!  In fact, my most popular post here on the blog is something I made for her.  You can see it HERE.   As was searching for something to buy this spoiled kitty, I came across a lot of things that we already have and that Sadie loves.  And, I found some things to add to my gift list for her too.  So, I decided that Sadie should share some of her favorite things, as well as,  some of the things that I found for her; in a Christmas Gift Guide for Cats.  If you aren’t a cat lover, you probably know someone who is!  So, here are some picks for the feline in your life and a few things for the crazy cat lovers too!

Gift Guide for Cats and Cat Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide for Cats

  1.  Moody Pet Fling Ama String Cat Toy   This particular toy gets rave reviews on Amazon and there are a lot of video’s from people who purchased this interactive toy for their cats.  Sounds like a winner for Sadie!
  2. Set of Two Breakaway Bow Tie Cat Collars with Bell   I’m always looking for a cute cat collar for Sadie.  This set of two looks pretty nice and I love the color combinations of red and pink or black and turquoise.  And, they are a breakaway style collar, which is important.
  3. Yeoww! Organic Catnip Banana Toy  Sadie has one of these and loves it!  It’s a “kicker” toy that she holds between her front paws and kicks with her rear paws.  It’s one of just a few toys like this that she has liked.
  4. Handcrafted Felted Wool Cat Bed by Agnes Felt  I want to get Sadie a bed for my office.  She is always in here with me, but just sits on the back of my chair!  I think she would like a cave-like bed and I love these felted wool ones!
  5. Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door I want to get one of these cute cat doors for our downstairs laundry room door.  Right now we just keep the door open so Sadie has access to the litter box in there.  But, this adorable access door would allow me to close the door when I want.
  6. Cat it 3L Drinking Fountain with triple action filter  I was first introduced to this by my blogger friend, Julia of Cuckoo for Design.  She and I share a love of cats and when she recommended this, I knew it would be a good choice for Sadie!
  7. Interactive Laser Toy   Sadie’s favorite thing has always been the laser light.  She goes crazy for that thing.  So much so that she won’t leave me alone until I give in and play with her.  She runs until she literally can’t run any longer!  And, she is sooooo fast!  It’s really funny to watch.  But, there are times when it would be nice to have a gadget like this  – like when I want to go to bed or work – ha, ha!  I read a lot of reviews on different types of interactive laser toys for cats and this one really seemed to be the best option for Sadie.  It has three speeds and three patterns and you can sit it on the floor or sit it up on furniture to change the pattern size on the floor.

Now, I did want to share a few gifts for the cat lover in your life.  These are just a couple things I came across that I really loved!  You see, I’m not the only crazy cat lover in my family!

Christmas Gift Guide for Cats and Cat lovers

Aerie Cat Ear Warmer in Pink or Gray

Christmas Gift Guide for Cats and Cat Lovers

Aerie Cat Beanie

I wasn’t even looking for cat items, but they seemed to be everywhere.  I could have written a whole post with cat themed clothing, but I’m not that crazy!  Thanks for popping in today to see Sadie’s Christmas Gift Guide for Cats!

Sadie's Christmas Gift Guide for Cats and Cat Lovers

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Thursday 14th of December 2017

We gave two cats and two dogs. We bought a cat hammock that fits in our window and our Lucy just LOVES it. My husband's chair is in front of the window and Lucy likes to play with his hair while she is lying in the hammock. Wouldn't trade my pets for anything.

Norma Rolader

Thursday 14th of December 2017

I love the items Sadie has picked and my baby Scoot looks just like you Sadie but he just can't use his back legs but I still love him

Kathy Palmer

Thursday 14th of December 2017

Love your kitty gift suggestions! I have a Sadie cat as well -- but she's a tortie and getting up there in years (18+), but still has lots of fun playing and doing silly things. (I have 2 other cats as well, Diana and Justin). I was just thanking the Lord today for the very special kitties He has given me over the years. Merry Christmas! Love, Kathy Palmer