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Sinkology Farmhouse Sink Review After One Year

My honest review of my Sinkology farmhouse sink after using it for over a year.

Sinkology Josephine farmhouse sink review

Today, I’m here to give you my thoughts about the farmhouse sink that we installed during our kitchen remodel in January of 2020.   When we approached our kitchen update, the one thing that was a must for me was a farmhouse kitchen sink.  I had wanted one for years and was so excited about finally having a big apron front sink!   We did quite a bit of research before we purchased our farmhouse sink.   And, we ended up going with the Sinkology Josephine Drop In Farmhouse Sink.  

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why did we choose a top mount or drop in farmhouse sink

White fireclay farmhouse sink

You may be wondering why we chose a drop in style farmhouse sink when we had new countertops installed?  Good question!  It all comes down to the depth of the sink.  Most farmhouse sinks are under mount, so they sit “under” the countertop.  And, most farmhouse sinks are 10″ deep.  So, you need to figure 10″ plus 1″ for the countertop.  These deeper sinks that already sit lower than countertop level didn’t work with our garbage disposal and would have involved more plumbing costs.  Yes, we could get a new disposal, but there are other issues too with under mount farmhouse sinks. 

Because of the depth of the under mount sinks, our front cabinet doors would have needed to be either cut down or removed.   A lot of people remove their front cabinet doors and hang a curtain, but I didn’t really want to do that.  And, we didn’t want to cut down our existing cabinet doors or get new doors to fit.    In addition, most under mount sinks, because of their size and weight, need to have bracing built to hold the weight of them.  So, for all of those reasons, we decided to go with a drop in farmhouse sink!  

After looking at some different drop in or top mount farmhouse sinks, we decided that the Sinkology Josephine sink was our best option.  The sink had great online reviews and seemed to be an easy installation process.   We ordered the sink from The Home Depot and it was delivered right to our house.  And, since we were having our Ikea quartz countertops installed, the sink was installed at the same time by the countertop technician.  It really couldn’t have been easier!   

I also want to say something here about affordability.  A top mount or drop-in style farmhouse sink is typically less expensive than a top mount farmhouse sink.  The Sinkology Josephine sink retails for just under $400.  

what about the ikea farmhouse sink?

Ikea does have an affordable farmhouse sink.  And, at one time we thought about getting our farmhouse sink at Ikea since we were getting our quartz countertops there.  A lot of my blogging friends had installed the Ikea farmhouse sink and they seemed happy with their purchase.  But, Ikea discontinued their original farmhouse sink and the newer model had horrible reviews.  So, we crossed that one off our list!

Farmhouse sink with flowers


Now, for my review of the Sinkology Josephine farmhouse sink.  I’ll begin by sharing  some common concerns people have about farmhouse sinks.  


Farmhouse Sink Common Concerns

White fireclay farmhouse sink with black faucet and drain



  1.  I’ve heard that it’s easy to break dinnerware and glassware in a farmhouse sink.  I think this is mainly an issue with cast iron farmhouse sinks.  Our sink is fireclay, which isn’t quite as tough as cast iron, but I haven’t had a broken dish or glass in our sink in the past year.  
  2. The white sink will get stained or always look dirty.  I can’t say that our sink hasn’t gotten a stain in the one year that we’ve had it.  On a couple occasions, we’ve let a dish sit overnight when we shouldn’t have.  It happens.  Once I found an orange stain from pizza sauce that had sat overnight.  And, the other time my husband left something in the sink that left a rust stain.  Both times, the stains came right off with some Barkeeper’s Friend and my regular dishcloth.  I have never used anything abrasive to clean my sink.  And, it shines just like new.  
  3. I’m afraid it will get scratched or chip.  Again, I think this mostly applies to a cast iron enamel sink.  We cook with both stainless steel and cast iron pots and pans.  I have gotten the occasional black mark on the white sink from the pots and pans, but again, Barkeeper’s Friend takes them right off.
  4. I don’t like the idea of one big open sink because there isn’t a separate section to rinse.  This doesn’t bother me at all.  I have a dishwasher and most things get washed that way anyway.  But, when we do have a large meal, we just wash and dry our dishes as we go.  

White fireclay farmhouse sink


what I love about our farmhouse sink

Watering house plants in farmhouse sink

  2. I actually love the one, large open sink!  This past year when I was styling wedding flowers, it was so nice to have this large sink to work with the flowers.  And, each week I load my smaller plants into the sink to give them all a drink!  And, I’m hoping to give some grandbabies a bath in this sink one day!   
  3. I love the white and bright surface.  And, it has been durable and hasn’t required much to keep it bright and shiny white!  I’ve used Barkeeper’s Friend from time to time, but mostly just wipe it down with my soapy dishcloth and rinse it.


Sinkology Farmhouse Sink Review

Both Mark and I love the sink so much!   And, Mark was one who was originally concerned about getting a farmhouse sink.  Now, he says “why did we wait so long to get this sink?”   For our family, the Sinkology farmhouse sink was the best choice for our situation, and we couldn’t be more pleased with it one year later!  Here’s a direct link to the Sinkology Josephine Sink.


Wednesday 26th of October 2022

Curious what size did you choose? We are purchasing this sink with the shorter apron to fit existing cabinets. I appreciate your recommendation about having the sink before quartz is template and installed.

Stephanie Dennis

Friday 25th of March 2022

Beautiful remodeled kitchen! I was looking for a review of this sink and found your post. We too want to get ikea Quartz countertops( have used before and love) and this sinkology sink. Did you need the sink at the house for the measurements when the counter company came to measure and make the template? Just wondering how they get the exact measurements since I think there is a notch that needs to be cut at the front of the sink. And does the sink go all the way back to the backsplash for you? I wish we could private message, I have many questions! Thank you

Doreen Cagno

Thursday 7th of April 2022

Hi, Stephanie

Yes, we had the sink before they came to make the template. And, no, there is about a 1 inch gap between the sink and my backsplash. I was really concerned about this and that it would look bad, but they did a fabulous job and it looks seamless. Overall, I'm very happy with my choices and would make the same again today!

Matthew G Glennie

Wednesday 25th of August 2021

We are getting the same fireclay farmhouse sink next month with our kitchen remodel. We are getting a undermount. We love the faucet, what is mfg and where did you get this? Thank you. You can reply to my email.

Doreen Cagno

Thursday 26th of August 2021

Hi, Matthew. Thanks for asking. Here's the link for the faucet we purchased. We also purchased a black flange (?) for our garbage disposal drain from The Home Depot.


Saturday 12th of June 2021

We just bought this sink and stumbled across your blog. So happy and excited to install this beauty for our kitchen remodel. I saw you have a black drain? Where did you get that? I love it!!

Doreen Cagno

Thursday 17th of June 2021

Hi, Danielle

So glad you found me! I got the black drain online at The Home Depot.