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Circle Wreath for Fall with Wheat

Today I have a new DIY fall wreath tutorial for you.  This modern or minimalist circle wreath is perfect for right now through the Thanksgiving holiday!  

Hoop Wreath with Wheat

The hoop or circle wreath has been a trend for a few years.  This style wreath is often used in wedding or party decor.  But, this style is now common in home decor as well.  Even though you see this style of wreath in modern, boho, or minimalist homes, I think some of these wreaths can transition to fit well in a traditional or modern farmhouse style home.  

The type of material you use and the way you place the material on the hoop or circle can dictate the style of these wreaths.  I made my wreath using wheat and wrapped it to mimic a very traditional  French Country design style, the wheat frame.

So, don’t think this wreath won’t fit in your traditional home!  It will!  And I displayed mine over a vintage cabinet door that we made into a mirror years ago!  This mirror hangs at the bottom of our staircase and the wheat circle wreath looks great hanging on this primitive piece!

Modern Circle Wreath with Wheat


How to Make a Circle Wreath with Wheat

Hoop Wreath DIY

For this project you need three things

Dried Wheat

Gold Wire Paddle

Gold Wire Hoop (mine is 14 inches)

Begin by wrapping one stalk of wheat to the circle frame as shown below.  I cut the stems of the wheat stalks to about six inches. 

DIY Hoop Wreath

Now, add another stem to the opposite side of the circle frame and wrap with the wire.   As you can see below, My first stem was wired to the inside of the wire frame.  The second stem was wired so the top fell to the outside of the wire frame.  

DIY Circle Hoop Wreath

Continue to add stems, one by one, alternating each one as shown below.  Once you reach the bottom center of the circle frame, continue to wrap the wire around the wheat stems until they are all tightly secured to the wire frame.

Make a Wheat Hoop Wreath

Now, repeat this process for the right side of the circle frame until you reach the bottom of the wreath.  You will need to trim the stems accordingly as you go.  The photo below shows how it comes together at the bottom center point of the wreath.

DIY Circle Wreath

I forgot to photograph the final step, but you basically cut the wheat tops of four of the remaining loose stems and hot glue those on top of the wires in the center so you don’t see them.  I hope you like this modern or updated take on a traditional wheat wreath!  It really is an easy project!  

DIY Circle Wheat Wreath

If you are looking for more ideas for fall wreaths for your home, here are a few more that I’ve created over the years!

Corn Husk Wreath

Real Leaf Wreath

Corn Shock Wreath


Dawn W

Saturday 31st of October 2020

Love the circle wheat wreath, I'm going to try it! Thanks, Doreen!

Doreen Cagno

Monday 2nd of November 2020

So glad you like it, Dawn!

LeAnn Morris

Wednesday 28th of October 2020

I really like this wreath. Thanks for posting!