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DIY Hanging Wheat Bundle

There’s fall inspiration all around us!  In nature, the trees are changing to glorious shades of red, orange, and yellow!  And, The farmer’s markets are full of everything you might need to bring some fall to your porch or inside your home!  Today, I want to share a project using dried wheat that was inspired by a Magnolia Hearth and Hand product – a hanging wheat bundle!

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Hanging Wheat Bundle

So, to begin, this is not a new idea!  Hanging wheat bundles have been around for a long time!  It’s a classic look!  But, I saw THIS  hanging wheat bundle at Target and thought about adding it to my cart!  But, the price tag was a little high for something I could make for waaaaay less! 


Wheat –   I’ve found the best place to get dried wheat is at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. They always seem have it this time of year.  The amount of wheat in their bunches is huge compared to what you get at a craft store.  And, the price is great for the amount that you get (I think it’s about $9.99).  Of course, if you live in an area where you can get dried wheat directly from a farm, do that!  

Ribbon – I used black gross grain ribbon.  The Hearth and Hand bundle used jute twine and a black velvet decorative ribbon.  

Floral Tape –  This is the tape that a florist uses to wrap stems or bunches of flowers together.  It’s a waxy tape that holds to itself.  You need to overlap it a bit and it stretches to form to what you are wrapping

Glue or Glue Gun

Making the Wheat Bundle

First, arrange your wheat bunch!   Keep larger pieces to the back and shorter pieces closer to your hand.  So, graduate the tops of the wheat from top to bottom.  You can do this while you hold the wreath with one hand and then pull pieces in the back of the bunch so they are higher and then work your way down to the base where your hand is holding the wheat.  This doesn’t have to be perfect!  

Next, wrap the stems with the floral tape.  Wrap from top to bottom and overlap the floral tape.  Make sure you keep it tight.  You don’t need to wrap all the way to the bottom of your stems.  Just wrap for the amount of “handle” that you want.  Use your hands to squeeze the wrapped stems.  The heat of your hands will help secure the waxed floral tape.  Use your scissors to cut off any remaining stems evenly at the bottom – so you have a straight cut across all the stems.  You can see what I mean in the photo below.

Creating a hanger for the wheat bundle

Now that the stems are wrapped with the floral tape, we want to cover that green tape with ribbon (or jute twine like the inspiration).  I wanted to create a hanger at the top, but this isn’t necessary.  You could just wrap without this hanger.  If you make a loop, the wrapping end of the ribbon should be on the bottom – see next photo.

Give the ribbon a little twist and begin by wrapping the ribbon around the “handle”  and wrap up towards the loop, so you will cover the green tape at the top.  Then, reverse and wrap down the “handle” until you reach the bottom.  Make sure to keep the ribbon tight as you wrap and overlap so there is no tape showing.

Here is what mine looked like once I reached the bottom.  Now, use your glue gun to add a dot of hot glue to secure the ribbon at the back of the bundle.  Trim off any excess ribbon.  Now, cut another piece of ribbon to make a tie at the front of the bundle. 


Hanging Wheat Bundle on Mirror

Here’s the finished wheat bundle hanging on the mirror at the bottom of my staircase.  You can see the clear suction cup hook that I used to hang it.  I tucked the hook of the suction cup hook right inside the wrapped ribbon at the back.  So, I didn’t hang it on the mirror using the ribbon hanger I created.  It will just depend on how you want to hang it.  If I had used the ribbon hanger at the top, you would clearly see the suction cup hanger, and I didn’t want that. 

DIY Wheat Bundle - Hymns and Verses

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Wednesday 25th of September 2019

I just love the classic look! Plus who doesn't like a simple diy? Thanks for sharing!