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Vintage Baby Dresser Reveal

A few weeks ago, I shared THIS POST about how to refinish a dresser.  Today, I’m back to share the vintage baby dresser reveal!

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As a reminder, this is what this vintage baby dresser looked like before.

Old Dresser Before - Vintage Baby Dresser - Hymns and Verses


paint for baby furniture

Vintage Baby Dresser Styled for Christmas - Hymns and Verses

The Mom-to-be is so happy with how this turned out!  I used a new kind of paint for this dresser by Benjamin Moore, Natura.   This paint was recommended for painting baby furniture.  It is certified asthma and allergy friendly, has zero VOC, zero emissions, and provides a durable and washable film.  All important for any painted surface in a nursery!   This paint provides a really smooth finish that is durable. 


Lined dresser drawer - Hymns and Verses

Here you can see better the pulls Sarah chose for the dresser.  We got them at Hobby Lobby.  The two larger drawers got these brass cup pulls.  But, we used these pretty flower knobs for the top smaller drawers.  I will say that we did have a hard time finding hardware to fit the holes that were already in place for the larger drawer hardware.  Because this dresser wasn’t made in a factory, the size of the holes for the original hardware aren’t standard.  But, But, we finally found these brass cup pulls that fit the existing holes!  Hobby Lobby has a huge variety of hardware, especially if you are looking for something unique!   In this picture you can also see that I lined the interior drawers.


White Vintage Baby Dresser with Lined Drawers - Hymns and Verses

I made the quilt shown on top of the dresser and picked up some extra fabric to line the dresser drawers.   If you’ve followed me for a while, you may remember THIS POST where I shared how to use fabric as wallpaper.  Lining a dresser drawer with fabric uses the same method.  Basically, you use liquid fabric starch to attach the fabric to the bottom of the dresser drawer.  I cut the fabric close to the size needed and then painted fabric starch on the bottom of the drawer.  Then you place the fabric into the drawer and smooth it out, removing any air bubbles.  Then, I painted even more liquid fabric starch onto the top of the fabric.  This really secures the fabric to the drawer.  Once the liquid fabric softener is dry, you can use a utility blade or Exacto knife to trim around the edges.

Baby Quilt - Hymns and Verses

Here’s a closer look at the baby quilt I made!  This was my very first quilt!  It’s a pretty basic half triangle quilt, but I had so much fun choosing the fabrics and putting it together for our future granddaughter!  We are counting down the weeks now, and I can’t wait to hold her!  


Styled for Christmas Baby Dresser with Pom Pom Wreath and Snowman

Because this dresser is also going to serve as a changing table, we added some trim to the top of the dresser to hold the changing pad in place.  It’s just a 1″ x 2″ frame that Mark built based on the changing pad dimensions.  He screwed the frame to the dresser top from inside the dresser.   We also added new wheels to the dresser.  This dresser had wheels when we purchased it, but one was broken.  So, I ordered THESE WHEELS from Etsy and I couldn’t be happier.  They are wood wheels, just like the vintage ones, but are brand new!  

Vintage Baby Dresser - Before and After

I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of this vintage baby dresser!  It was such a fun project!  Later this week I finally have some Christmas content to share with you!  I have a fun DIY Christmas Countdown that I can’t wait to share and I also have a new piece of jewelry for Christmas that I’m super excited about!  So, please stay tuned!  

Lee Durden

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Fabulous outcome! You are so talented.


Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Its a stunning piece, I just adore it and the little quilt is so pretty, great job.x

Anne Marie

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

You did a wonderful job - did you make the pom pom wreath?? I am loving everything - the dresser, wreath and quilt.


Tuesday 19th of November 2019

The dresser is fabulous but that pom pom wreath has totally distracted me!! Love it! LOL!!


Monday 18th of November 2019

Doreen, Absolutely a d o r a b l e! Love the fabric lined drawers and the unique hardware! Amazing transformation! Pat